What Magic Will You Create?

Magic Threads is a three week video course (with live Q+A sessions) that will help you bring your ideas into the physical realm through the art of embroidery.

Hand stitching is an act of magic, transforming, strengthening, and finishing cloth while infusing its fibers with protective and fortuitous intentions.

Bringing meaning back into stitching through the setting of intentions rejoins the embroidery technique with its original purpose.

If you want to explore embroidery as not just creative expression, but also an opportunity to dive in the imaginal realms of your mind, sign up now.

From a past student... "I have been an embroidery dabbler off and on for years without really loving the content available or feeling any confidence with my ability to create something of my own. This class transformed stitches into a medium I could use more effectively AND was a great creativity spark that allowed me to manifest my own ideas into reality. I loved it so much! The online Q & A and show and tell were icing on the cake!

The exercise of coming up with images by meditating and "seeing what appears on the back of your eyelids" is genius. I attach a lot of pressure to myself in the creative process and this relieved that forced feeling and opened my up in a totally new and curious way. Thank you!"" - Pam H.

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What Past Students are Saying...

"As a "non-creative" I have appreciated how I have learned to look for inspiration everywhere in everyday life. I am seeing shapes all over the place and thinking how they would translate into stitches. I enjoyed every aspect of this class. Thank you!" - Tara L. 

"It was fantastic! You are such an engaging teacher and it's a pleasure to learn from you. The entire perspective was a totally new one - way beyond your normal "ok, so, here's how you do stitches..." type of class.

But also still having the how-tos for stitches in it! Just a fantastic, welcoming place to be. I've already recommended your courses to other fiber-minded people who I know. Thank you so much <3 <3 <3" - L.B

"I really needed something to ignite my embroidery practice into a truly creative and expressive act, and the Magic Threads course did exactly that. It took me from stitching other people's patterns to imagining and creating my own, and it unlocked how to create an image in my mind and translate it into thread.

Now I can see inspiration everywhere, and I can bring my own story to my work as well. So grateful to have found Christi and Magic Threads!" - Stacy C.


"There was something in Christi’s approach that rekindled in me to do my own research into history and lore and to think about how I was applying what I learned in my own practice, and really developing a magical practice around my handcrafts. I also knit and crochet and have dabbled in spinning wool.

Through Magic Threads I was able to combine and express my interests in creativity, magic, and research in a new way." - Ken S.

What if you could learn to work with embroidery as though it was paint?

What would it feel like to be able to turn colorful threads into striking designs on fabric?

Through the pre-recorded stitch lessons included in this course, I'll teach you everything I know about how to use stitches in a variety of ways to create your own inspired designs.

Well start by exploring new ways of finding inspiration - from both within ourselves and in the world around us. 

We'll then refine these ideas into a singular form, all the while playing with the different ways in which a single stitch can be expressed, and learn all about color and composition to apply this to our final project. 

Well wrap this all up by learning all the elements of creating a finished piece, whether that’s on a garment or a standalone work of art. 

Session 1: REACH OUT
Exploring Imaginal Realms

We'll get clear on what creativity is (and admit that we ALL have it), while learning new ways to find inspiration and techniques for collecting ideas in our own personal symbols journal.

Session 2: TUNE IN
Envisioning New Forms

Exploring the deeper meanings historically associated with embroidery, narrowing our options to develop a cohesive design, and learning about how color works and creating a color palette.

Bringing Your Work Into Being

This is where we tie it all together - bringing our work into reality, exploring placement and composition, turning our work into a talisman, and motivating to finish our work!

...do I really need an online workshop to learn to stitch?

Not at all.

But this workshop is about so much more than the stitches!

I’m not just teaching you how to do the stitches, in fact, I’m already providing all the videos of the stitches for free in my embroidery portal.

Through the videos and PDF worksheets included, I’m teaching you how to use these stitches to create your own work, and ways to bring your intentions into the symbols you're stitching - but don’t worry, you don’t have to already be an artist!

I’m also gonna explore with you different ideas for how you can develop your own artwork; thinking outside the box, and really nailing your own style through the wide range of options that embroidery provides.


How long does the course run? The course materials are released over three weeks, though you have access to the materials forever. NEW ENROLLMENT PAGE IS HERE.

How long do I have access to the course? Forever! You can come back to the material at any time.

What is the format? Every Tuesday, you'll receive a new series of videos, and there will be three Q + A sessions

Do I need to know how to embroider? Yes, you should have working knowledge of at least a few stitches, but I provide all you need to know to get started in "The Embroidery Portal", my free resource (click this text to access)

How long does the course take to complete? The material is designed to allow for a variety of schedules, but ideally you'll make time for 3 sessions of at least 20 minutes each week to explore the assignments and materials. (1-2 hours per week, plus any additional stitching)

What if I need help? Not only do I have in-depth video resources for stitching, but I'll also be there in the Magic Threads Community (hosted on Mighty Networks) answering any questions you may have! Feel free to post images with your questions, or e-mail me, and I'll be there for you. I want to be sure all the information is clear, and you feel confident in your skills!

What's the difference between Magic Threads and Stitched Visions? Stitched Visions is my beginner course, walking you through all you need to get started making embroideries as talisman, and teaching 4 basic stitches.

Magic Threads is a more intensive study of 12 stitches (including many variations of each) and all the ways they can be applied to your own art, getting your artistic practice going through discovering inspiration, as well as tools for developing color palette and composition - PLUS 3 live Q+A ask-me-anything sessions. While Magic Threads includes all the beginner info as Stitched Visions, it’s designed for creatives who want to really expand their stitch practice!

How long will this course be available? Enrollment for the course closes Oct 2021.

Are there refunds? No. Based on the response from the first two rounds, I'm confident that if you practice the techniques and methods in the workshop, you are guaranteed to vastly improve your stitching as well as deepen your connection to your own creativity.

Offering partial scholarships for BIPOC folks! Please email: [email protected]

Testimonials for Magic Threads

"I loved the course! I especially love the way you gave us background on the ways embroidery has been used in lots of cultures in meaningful and magical ways. I felt encouraged to tap into my creativity and intuition and allow them to be expressed through the stitches we learned." - L.S.


"I absolutely loved taking Magic Threads! I had been wanting to take up embroidery again after many years of not messing with it at all, when I came across Christi's course. It was a perfect way to push me back into my creativity.

It rekindled my love of journaling and got me into a regular creative practice - something I really needed. I am looking forward to embroidering (and hopefully sewing!) my own clothing after taking this course, and I will be looking out for other ways to learn from Christi in the future!" - L.S.


"Since I already knew how to do all of the stitches in the course, I was worried I wouldn’t get as much out of the lessons as a beginning stitcher. However, the sampler exercises, journaling prompts, and the historical examples of the many unexpected ways to use these basic stitches has transformed the way I think about designing an embroidery.

Instead of making a “pretty” piece, I’ve got a better understanding of the elements & practice of creating an intentional piece infused with personal meaning and magic." - K.L.