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Have you wanted to create your own artwork, but felt you weren’t creative enough?

Are you interested in embroidery, but having trouble finding or creating designs that inspire you to finish?

From absolute beginner, to more advanced stitches and developing your very own embroidered artwork, these Mixed Color workshops help inspire you and guide you through the process every step of the way.

After years of in-person workshops, I've moved my teachings online!

Explore the inner workings of your creative mind and bring those visions into the material world through the textile art techniques shared here.

You will not triple your income with this one simple trick.

You will not loose five pounds a week for the next three months.

You will not learn the secret to keeping your kitchen clean, or keep your milk from going bad, or getting your cat to stop leaving “presents” on your door.

You will, however, be shown a new approach to learning the art of embroidery, one that embraces your rich creative possibilities, allows plenty of room for imperfections, and encourages you to access the joy of Making Something For Yourself.

Through that, maybe you’ll forget the desire to do any of the above, though I can’t promise that.

I can only promise you’ll have some fun and invite a whole new creative process into your life. Then maybe, just maybe, you can figure out that last part about your cat (let me know the answer if you do...? Asking for a friend.).

Hi, I’m Christi!

Textile artist, embroidery designer, and creator of mystical garments and cosmically crafted textiles.

I teach from the belief that through creative expression, we discover our power to transform our worlds.

Thanks to my mothers love of fiber arts, I was basically born with a needle and thread in hand. Despite this early immersion, my stitches were somehow never quite even enough, neat enough, or tiny enough, and I spent years thinking I wasn't all that great at embroidery.

Luckily, I eventually realized my wonky stitches were a style of their own, and began to teach others who wanted creative expression - not perfection - to be the goal of their artwork.

After nearly a decade of working in the fashion industry, I discovered my true passion - textile arts education - and have been teaching in person workshops since 2013.

Thanks to a background in both fine arts and fashion design, I'm able to weave the independence of a creative practice together with refined methods like hand embroidery in a way that loosens up expectations and allows you to feel the freedom of painting with threads!